The Wellness Hotel Rajska zahrada offers you the opportunity to visit a luxury wellness center with a spectacular view of the river valley. In today’s hectic times these places are needed more than ever. Our wellness center will come in handy after such a long trip or visiting our fitness center.

Come and relax, cleanse the body from harmful substances and recharge batteries for next days. We believe that after completing all procedures, you forget all your problems and you will know that there is nothing like stress.

Wellness center offers:

We recommend you to start in the swimming pool with a counter and a waterspout where you exercise your muscles throughout the body and you help regenerate your back.

You can then go to the spa. The positive effects of staying in the hot tub on our health include: stress management, relaxation, relieve muscle tension, accelerate healing in damaged tissue, improving blood circulation and release the spine and joints.

You should not miss the experience showers that are perfect for cooling down after attending a steam sauna. The experience showers contain side massage jets, tropical rain or drizzle.

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