The Wellness Hotel Rajská zahrada offers a total of twenty-four rooms. All these rooms have high standards and meet international requirements for 4-star rating of the hotel. Each of our rooms are double with a price reduction for occupation of one person .

Types of rooms and facilities:

The Standard class rooms are equipped with a sofa, a desk, minibar, hotel safe, satellite TV, free WIFI network connection, bathroom with shower, toilet and wardrobe in the hall.

IMG_1673 IMG_1751 IMG_1676 IMG_1687 IMG_1711 IMG_1681

The Superior class rooms have an extra bathroom with whirlpool tub and have a great view of the valley.

IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1938 IMG_1941IMG_1924

There are our three top class exclusive rooms in the building C that will surely meet the highest expectations of our visitors.

Each room has its own name – Jurkovič, Mácha and Bartoň. The interior of each room has been specially designed by designers only for the purposes of our hotel. Its location guarantees you privacy and compared to other rooms also the best view of the valley.

DSCN5917 DSCN5924 DSCN5927

We have also a room for handicapped people. It is located in building B and fully meets all the needs of handicapped people.

Hotel Rajská zahrada is particular about perfect room service and of course there is also a precise cleaning. In case of any problem, the reception will be pleased to help you with anything. It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.

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