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In the spirit of wellness, we have prepared well equipped fitness center. We offer the possibility of entering three parts, the part for exercising, massage and relaxation. Our fitness studio is built to meet the most demanding criteria. We have created a studio with a modern interior where you will feel comfortable and where you will not miss anything.

The part for exercising includes professional exercise machines from StarTrac. It is divided into three parts. The cardio zone which is equipped with treadmills, cross trainers and spinners. The fitness zone where you can strengthen your entire body using our fitness towers, weights and exercise machines. And finally there is the aerobic room where you can attend both group and individual exercises.

The Wellness Hotel Rajska zahrada also offers the services of specially trained and certified personal trainers and fitness instructors. They will be happy to give you an advice how to train properly to achieve the best result.

The important part of improving your physical condition and shaping your body is the diagnosis and monitoring the results you work on. Of course our nutritionist can provide you information about healthy meal planning to help achieve weight loss or fitness goals.

We also offer several types of massages that will surely come in handy after hard work-out. Or you can treat yourself by spending some time in relaxation zone where you can find sauna, whirlpool and relaxation chair.

You will certainly enjoy the visit at our fitness center.

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